History and Attractions of Mandurah WA

Mandurah, a city in Western Australia, was found in 1895. It was founded on land that was once used by for an overly-ambitious colonization venture that inevitably failed, perpetrated by Thomas Peel, cousin of Robert Peel, the renowned British prime minister. We can be glad this failed venture, as otherwise, we would not have the great city of Mandurah!

A Meeting Place for All!

In etymology, “Mandurah” is derived from a term used by local Aboriginies, “mandjar”, which translates, simply, to “meeting place”. This name was prophetic, as Mandurah has become one of Western Australia’s prime meeting places for both tourists and locals alike. On top of being a great location for fun and relaxation, Mandurah also boasts a booming industry of dairy, poultry, and fish. If you’re at a restaurant in Western Australia that serves any of the above, chances are that great meal you’re eating owes a debt to Mandurah.

Not Just for Retirees!

Mandurah has a long and storied history, coming into prominence as a retirement district for old folks in the metropolitan area of Perth, from which Mandurah was just a short railroad trip away. Soon after people caught wind of all the fun retirees were having, they decided they wanted a piece of the pie for themselves. Suddenly, Mandurah was well on its way to becoming the popular tourist destination we know today.

After being designated as a shire in the early 60s, Mandurah began undergrowing unprecedented development, leading to it being designated a town in 1987 and a city only three years later in 1990. Throughout the years, many historical sites and homes have been claimed for preservation and these homes stand as a link to the old times for tourists and locals alike.

So Much to Do and See! Peel-Harvey Estuary and Yalgorup National Park

If you’re looking for a gorgeous resort city in Western Australia, you’ve found your place. If you are into the ocean and looking to catch some of the exotic and wondrous marine wilderness that Western Australia has to offer, you can check out the Peel-Harvey Estuary and Yalgorup National Park. The Peel-Harvey Estuary is home to a great deal of indigenous Western Australian marine wildlife, including western king prawn and blue swimmers crabs. It also features many beautiful waterbirds that migrate seasonally. Yalgorup, just a little down south, features the great Lake Clifton, where you can experience the rare micro-organism formations known as “thrombolites”, which resemble rocks but are actually a host of living creatures!

Eateries, Boutiques, Peel Zoo, and King Carnival

Mandurah is a multi-cultural waterside paradise, featuring stunning views of the ocean alongside incredibly diverse boutiques and exotic cuisine. There are many places to go and grab a bite to eat, including all ranges of cuisine from Italian to Japanese to local Aboriginal. As well, there are options for dieters offering whole food, organic, and vegan fare, as well as fairly-sourced coffees. On top of that, there’s Peel Zoo, an animal sanctuary allowing visitors to see everything from wombats to Tasmanian devils, and King Carnival, a long-standing amusement attraction that is just a small part of Mandurah’s glorious history. If you’re in Western Australia, you can’t miss Mandurah!